Energy Management Information System

The EcoMap application, functioning as an Energy Management Information System (EMIS), consistently models, monitors, and optimizes energy and utility steam/hot fluid costs by accessing real-time energy costs, minimum achievable Benchmarks (BM), and critical parameters to identify and rectify deviations from prescribed benchmarks within internal consumer departments.

Benefits of using an EMIS

  • Lower thermal energy cost by 3% to 5% through real time Energy Management Information System (EMIS) calculation and balance
  • Online in a few months and generates early cash flow
  • EMIS to manage the energy on a daily basis and meet the monthly budget
  • Eliminate internal costs for EMIS development and EMIS support
  • Accurate energy Data
  • No more thermal energy audit required

EMIS Functionalities

EMIS functionalities optimize energy management through real-time analysis and reporting capabilities.


Energy Meter (Now & Goal)

The Energy Meter feature provides an in-depth analysis of your current energy usage, offering insights into recent consumption patterns alongside anticipated future use and the associated financial implications. This tool empowers businesses to monitor energy expenditures closely, setting realistic goals for consumption and cost savings.


Easy TreeView Setup

The Easy TreeView Setup facilitates the seamless organization and management of your energy management system. Leveraging a robust library of predefined components, users can effortlessly customize and structure their systems to meet unique operational needs.


Real-Time Energy Calculation

Real-Time Energy Calculation offers instantaneous access to energy usage data throughout your site network. By integrating with various systems, it provides a cohesive overview of energy consumption, enabling prompt identification of inefficiencies.


EnerMap for Mapping Energy

EnerMap revolutionizes the way thermal energy production and consumption are understood and managed. By offering real-time mapping capabilities, it delivers precise and accelerated calculations, enhancing the accuracy of thermal energy assessments.



Benchmarking allows organizations to set their best historical energy performance as a benchmark to measure current operations against. This strategic evaluation tool is crucial for identifying areas of improvement by comparing current energy usage to past achievements.


Quick Reporting

Quick Reporting provides the capability to generate comprehensive reports at any time, offering valuable insights into process inefficiencies and their impact on energy costs. Some sample reports include:
  • Analysis of how we used thermal energy, showing the true impact on costs by sector and process. This helps us prioritize actions to save costs.

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