Energy Maturity Diagnostic

Whether you are an organization with one or multiple sites of operation, the Remote Energy Audit stage allows a high-level look at the scope 1 and 2 energy reduction opportunity and the impact it can play on the NetZero roadmap. Among other things, this first approach allows to pre-qualify more than +500 ecotechnologies, their energy and CO2 reduction and it will also help to identify sites with high potential. No site visit involved. 2-4 hr support from site people

The Business Case

The Energy Maturity Diagnostic, EMA, is used to measure the maturity level of an organization's energy management practices. This diagnostic process aims to provide insights into how effectively an organization manages its energy resources, identifies areas for improvement, and establishes a baseline for future energy management strategies.

Multiple Framweworks

Energy maturity diagnostics may employ various methodologies, frameworks, or benchmarking criteria to evaluate an organization's energy management maturity level. These assessments often help organizations identify opportunities for improvement, prioritize energy management initiatives, and develop strategic plans to enhance their energy performance and sustainability.


The assessment is covering various aspects of the energy management;

Over 500 EcoTechs Pre-Qualification

Energy Policy and Governance

Data Monitoring and Management

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Your journey to net-zero starts here.

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