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Your Energy Journey with us starts with a free estimate of your potential savings based on generic metrics. Most of our customers within the same industry share similar plant optimization profiles and therefore we can provide fairly accurate cost saving estimates knowing only your industry and energy spending, assuming you’ve done basic 'low hanging fruit' energy projects in the past

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What you’ll get

Complimentary, analytical estimate of your potential savings, derived from established industry metrics. These estimates are based on a comprehensive understanding of your industry classification and energy expenditure, presuming the implementation of essential, foundational energy efficiency measures.


When it comes to manufacturing and industrial facilities, Quebec stands out by offering incentives of up to 75% for Energy Efficiency Measures. Our services encompass a wide range of initiatives, including Energy Audits, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies, and electric demand reduction solutions.

EcoMap Report

Gain profound insights into your energy consumption patterns and their environmental impact with our energy profiling services. We provide in-depth analyses of your energy profiles, breaking down usage by energy source, monetary expenditures, and CO2 emissions.

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