Energy Efficiency Application

Iron Ore Processing Site

This iron ore processing site located Northeast Canada, is a large pellet producer and ship iron ore as well from seaport attached to site. Since 1965, the company has operated a mine and concentrator located in eastern Canada. This site employs approximately 400 employees. The mine located in Labrador has an estimated annual capacity of 5.5 million tonnes.

Solutions Implemented

All of the projects implemented consisted of the major upgrade of certain critical heating components in addition to centralizing and standardizing the information and management of the 3 locations that consume thermal energy. One of the objectives of the system was also to minimize the impact of changes in fossil fuel costs on operating costs. The implemented measures consisted of the following:


4 MW Electric Boiler + Load Management

This measure consists in installing a new 4 MW electric boiler to move steam produced from # 2 and # 6 fuel oil by steam produced from electricity. The boiler uses off-peak electricity.


Electric Thermal Oil Heater (800 kW)

A new 800 kW electric boiler to move heating made from # 2 fuel oil to off peak electricty.

Energy Efficiency and Supervisory Controls

  • Header management steam production: To control steam production energy source according to cheapest energy source available (off peak electricity, #2, #6,) to minimize energy cost.
  • Zone heating of the main sectors of the site: This measure consisted in implementing temperature supervisory controls by zone that take into account the critical parameters of the controlled zones: the operating hours, the outside temperature, the pressure of the network, the zone temperature, etc.
  • Steam trap supervision: This measure improves the efficiency of steam traps and reduces the losses of live steam to the atmosphere of traps that operate poorly.
  • Supervision - Condense Return: This measure increases the return of condensate to the thermal power plant to reduce the amount of make-up water for steam production as well as chemicals for water treatment.
  • Control of the temperature of the coils: This measure consists of implementing a supervisory control to modulate the temperature of the thermal oil according to the outside temperature and other key parameters of operation.


EcoMap (Energy Managment System–EMS)

This measure consisted in implementing an energy management system to maintain and improve energy gains in the long term.

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