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Welcome to Opnor-EcoSuite, your premier Energy Management System (EMS) solution designed to revolutionize the way you approach energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) management. Our integrated suite of software tools empowers you to seamlessly organize, manage, and optimize energy consumption in real time.

Smart Sustainable Energy Savings

Unlock persistent savings through a consistent, data-driven focus on energy consumption. Opnor leverages technology-driven solutions and proven expertise to help you identify low-cost or no-cost opportunities, resulting in substantial savings of up to 20% on your fossil fuel energy and electrical consumption and expenditures. Our approach emphasizes existing process optimization, minimizing capital requirements while maximizing efficiency.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future through intelligent energy optimization with Opnor-EcoSuite.

What it's for

Unlock the full potential of your energy management with Opnor-EcoSuite. Our integrated approach ensures a comprehensive oversight of your energy footprint through a closed control loop, enabling continuous improvement and implementation of best practices over time. With Opnor-EcoSuite, gain unparalleled control over your critical energy processes and align your operations with your energy budget objectives.

Closed control loop of your energy footprint

Improved Best Practices over time

Most of the critical energy processes under control

Realize your energy budget

Your journey to net-zero starts here.

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